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Ultrasound enables us to safely look at the internal structure of many parts of the body, in dogs and cats. It is considered essential in reaching a correct diagnosis for many diseases.




 Ultrasound has become an essential diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. The procedure involves clipping the fur before applying a gel and placing a probe onto the skin. The probe emits sound waves into the body which are reflected by the organs and processed via a computer to produce an image of the internal organs on a screen. Ultrasound enables us to  perform minimally invasive ultrasound guided biopsies on many organs.


It is particularly useful for assessing

  • heart
  • liver
  • kidneys
  • spleen
  • bladder
  • intestines
  • pregnancy diagnosis


Here is a  video of an ultrasound scan of a pregnant bitch






X-rays can provide pictures of tissues, organs, bones and foreign objects including swallowed items, they can also be very useful in diagnosing various conditions. Some pets will require a light sedation or in cases where the animal is in too much pain or particularly worried they may require anaesthetic. In these cases the patient’s muscles will be more relaxed, making a diagnosis easier. Our vets will often show you, your pets X-rays to help explain a diagnosis and the cause of an illness or injury.



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