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Safe Anaesthesia

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We understand the natural concerns that arise when a much loved pet has an anaesthetic. A typical anaesthetic involves administering a pre-medication injection after admission to the clinic, which reduces anxiety and calms your pet. Anaesthesia is induced with an intravenous injection, and then once your pet is asleep a tube is placed into the airway to administer oxygen and anaesthetic gas.   Our training status for nurses at both Ealing and Hounslow where operations are performed, ensures high standards of monitoring are achieved during the anaesthetic.


Anaesthesia can be further monitored with blood pressure monitors, pulse oximetry to measure the blood haemoglobin saturation with oxygen, capnography to measure the carbon dioxide levels. We also have a ventilator to provide assisted ventilation for critical cases. Pre -anaesthetic blood tests can also be run on the morning of the anaesthetic with results obtained within an hour.


Both our Hounslow and Ealing surgery are fully equipped and staffed with qualified veterinary nurses in addition to our highly trained vets, to deal with both routine and complicated anaesthetic cases.

The devotion and warmth of the Partnership staff are second to none – we have been with them for years and recommend them to all.

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