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Digital X-rays- providing vital diagnostic information



Digital radiography  enables our vets to view x-rays more rapidly and provides extremely high quality images. X- rays enable imaging of the internal organs ( such as heart, lungs, liver, bladder, kidneys), and are particularly effective for assessing bones,  bladder stones, kidney stones, tumours, as well as to look for  internal foreign bodies such as stones and bones.


Our digital x-ray units are fully equipped to provide same day results for a wide range of procedures, including barium studies of the stomach and intestines and special radiographic techniques (myelography) for spinal problems such as disc protrusions.
We have a state of the art digital X-ray systems which produce reliable high quality images.


The x-ray  procedure is completely painless, and can on occasion be performed on a calm conscious pet. More commonly your pet will need to be sedated or anaesthetised to keep them completely still for the x-ray to be taken. The images are processed within minutes, allowing the vet to immediately make an assessment.



Fibre-optic endoscopy allows us to see inside a patient, for example into the lungs or stomach and takes samples or biopsies for diagnosis, without resorting to major surgery.
We are also able to use keyhole surgery to look into joints (arthroscopy).

The devotion and warmth of the Partnership staff are second to none – we have been with them for years and recommend them to all.

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