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Pet Passports

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We are very happy to assist in arranging a passport for your pet when you are on the move. To qualify for a passport, your pet will need a rabies vaccination and a placed microchip.



As from 1st January 2012, the requirements for the pet passport scheme changes, for both dogs and cats. Pets will still need to be microchipped and have a rabies vaccination, but will no longer require a blood test for rabies. Pets will need to wait 3 weeks after the rabies vaccination before entering the UK. On return to the UK, dogs need to be treated for tapeworm by a veterinary surgeon, 24-120 hours (1-5 days) before embarking for the UK (by ferry or air). Cats do not need this treatment.



Pets travelling to the UK from unlisted countries outside the EU will need to be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies, pass a rabies blood tets and then wait 3 months in the country of origin. See www.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-pets/pets/travel/pets/ for further information about the pet passport scheme and countries included.



Our vets can issue pet passports at our Hounslow and Ealing surgeries, although the microchips and rabies vaccinations can be given at any of our surgeries.



Also please remember that your pet may need to take preventative treatment when you travel to protect against heartworm and other tick, mosquito or sandfly transmitted diseases. Please ask us for advice with this important issue before travelling.



We routinely prepare passports for dogs and cats from all areas of West London.

Youngs veterinary partnerships is the most caring and professional team that i have known. i have always used them for all my dogs and their care and compassion on losing pets is always their top priority. both my dogs are regular visitors to the ealing branch due to two cruciate knee replacements in the collie x and epilepsy in my golden retriever but they are always greeted warmly,friendly and provided with many dog treats!! Thank you to everyone that works here. You are all stars!!

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