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veterinary offers

We offer free puppy and kitten checks, when as well as getting a first health check, and weight check, we are happy to  discuss feeding regimes, training tips, and effective flea and  worm treatments.



FREE ADULT CAT or DOG CHECK for flea, mites, lungworm and other worm treatments.

We offer a free weight check up for your dog or cat, when we can advise on suitable treatments for fleas, worms and other parasites. We see many dogs and cats treated with products that are ineffective,  so please talk to our team to ensure you are using a product that will actually work.  Each single flea brought back into the house can lay hundreds of microscopic eggs in your carpets, which can hatch out over the next weeks and months, causing a significant flea problem.

 free weight check cat dog vet


See our Brentford and Hounslow surgeries for additional current local surgery offers.

We honestly cannot thank you enough for the excellent treatment and help you have given us with our dog Max. Since having his operation he has been like our “old Max” again.

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