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At Young Veterinary Partnership we encourage every owner to take out an insurance policy. You never know what is around the corner and when a major medical or surgical problem may arise for your pet.


There are a large number of pet insurance policies to choose from and they vary considerably in the level of cover that they provide and also in the premiums they charge.
Lifetime cover will provide insurance if a condition is recurring such as an allergy that recurs each summer. Time limited insurance will provide insurance for a fixed period normally 1 year from the onset of the condition first showed clinical signs.


When you receive a claim form you should fill in the section marked for the policy holder, and hand it in to our receptionist. Our administration staff will print out the relevant history and invoices, fully complete the claim form and post it directly to your insurance company.


We are pleased to be able to offer direct claims (enabling your insurer to pay us direct) for bills of over £750.00 A valid claim form must be presented to the receptionist before the end of treatment if you would like us to make a direct claim on your behalf. Please note there is a charge of £20.00 administration fee for direct insurance claims. If a valid claim form has not been presented at the end of treatment, then payment will be required in full, and upon receipt of a claim form, we will submit it for your insurer to reimburse you directly.

Youngs veterinary partnerships is the most caring and professional team that i have known. i have always used them for all my dogs and their care and compassion on losing pets is always their top priority. both my dogs are regular visitors to the ealing branch due to two cruciate knee replacements in the collie x and epilepsy in my golden retriever but they are always greeted warmly,friendly and provided with many dog treats!! Thank you to everyone that works here. You are all stars!!

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