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Hounslow Surgery

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Hounslow Address

57 Lampton Road


Tel: 0208 570 0489
         0208 572 6788


Email : hounslow@youngvets.co.uk

   Hounslow Special Offers

  •    Puppy Pack – Our puppy pack includes a full health check from a veterinary surgeon, a set of 2 vaccinations, a flea and worm spot on treatment and a microchip to ensure your puppy is always registered to you. £50


  •    Kitten Pack- Our kitten packs include a full health check with a veterinary surgeon, a course of 2 vaccinations to ensure your kitten is ready for the big wide world, a flea and worm spot on treatment and a microchip £50


  •    Spey cat £60 This operation is for female cats and can be performed from 4 months of age to help stop your kitten becoming pregnant. It includes a full pre operation health check with a veterinary surgeon.


  •    Castrate cat £40 The castration for male cats can also be performed from 4 months to help prevent your kitten from fighting with other cats and straying to far from home. Your kitten with have a health check from a vet prior to the operation taking place and will be bac k home with you by the end of the day.


  •    Castrate dog from £109.00 Included in this price is a full health check from a vet prior to surgery. Castration in dogs can take place from 6 months of age.


  •    Spey dog from £129.00 Neutering female dogs will help prevent unwanted pregnancy's and womb infections. This operation can take place once your female dog is over 6 months old and she will receive a full health check from a vet before and 3 days after for a post operation check.

    Welcome to our Hounslow Surgery

   Our veterinary surgery is situated next door to Hounslow Central   tube station and has a free customer car park at the front of the surgery, with additional parking to the rear.  We have 2 sterile operating theatres, full hospitalisation facilities, digital x-ray and ultrasound on-site.  We welcome clients from  surrounding areas of West London.  Our highly experienced vets include partner Dr Matthew Wilson, and is assisted by Dr Fulvia Conti and Dr Michael Punch. We offer all routine surgeries such as neutering and can perform many complex procedures and investigations  such as heart scans, cruciate surgeries, fracture repairs and cancer treatments. Our head nurse is Lynne Virgo leading a team of 6 nurses, and our head receptionist is Roxanne Marsh. Unlike many vets we provide our own emergency care, by our own vets from our Ealing surgery, and can hospitalise sick pets overnight.

   We are all passionate about pets and would love to meet yours. Call us today for an appointment.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 7pm
Saturday: 9 am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Consultation Times

Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 10.30am, 3 - 4.30pm, 5 - 7pm
Saturday: 9 - 12am, 2 - 3.30pm
Sunday: Closed



The devotion and warmth of the Partnership staff are second to none – we have been with them for years and recommend them to all.

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